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The accuracy and depth of background checks that are carried out can have an effective impact on the hiring decisions that companies make, and also on the compliance standards that they have to comply with. American Databank is a leading provider of comprehensive background screening solutions to a variety of businesses with a good reputation. This article discusses American Databank background check, which include criminal checks, employment verification, and educational validation. Further reading delves into the expected time frame in which screening takes place, practical advice on how to achieve an efficient process flow, and whether a company employs American Databank or whether a job seeker looks at American Databank as the differentiator for an organization. Get insights into how such background checks work, what they cover, and how to tackle possible issues that may crop up when using American Databank services.

History of American DataBank

1991Foundation of American Databank: Established to provide background screening solutions.
1998Expansion into Healthcare Screening: American Databank begins offering specialized services for the healthcare sector, including immunization tracking and healthcare sanctions checks.
2002Introduction of Online Platforms: Launches its first online system for easier client access to background screening services.
2005Compliance Management Solutions: Starts offering comprehensive compliance management services to help organizations adhere to industry regulations.
2008National Reach: Expands operations to provide services across all 50 states, enhancing its ability to perform nationwide background checks.
2011Technological Advancement: Implements advanced technology solutions to improve the speed and accuracy of background checks.
2015Educational Services Expansion: Extends services to include extensive background checks and verification services for educational institutions.
2017Mobile App Launch: Releases a mobile application to provide clients with on-the-go access to background check processes and results.
2019ISO Certification: Achieves ISO/IEC 27001 certification, recognizing its stringent data security practices.
2021Pandemic Response Initiatives: Introduces COVID-19 compliance and screening solutions tailored to pandemic-related challenges.
2023Innovation in Screening Technology: Debuts a new AI-driven platform to further enhance the precision of background checks and compliance verifications.

American DataBank Check Time

The typical amount of time required for a standard background check at American Databank ranges from 24 to 72 hours. This period entails the review of criminal records, verifications on employment and educational history. These could take longer, up to seven days, particularly on more comprehensive checks that have many jurisdictions with elaborate international records and detailed financial records.Those would take more time since in some instances there may be human judgment searches in cases where there is a lack of digital records.

Factors Influencing the Time Frame for the Background Check Process

  1. Comprehensiveness of the Background Check
  2. Accuracy of Information Provided
  3. Jurisdictional Differences
  4. Responses from Schools and Employers

The speed with which previous employers and educational institutions respond to requests for verifications determines the greatest extent the timeline can be prolonged.

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