FedEx Background Check: All Essential Information

FedEx Background Check

The FedEx background check is an important part of the hiring process for one of the world’s largest courier delivery services companies. This comprehensive screening ensures that potential employees meet the standards of security, reliability, and integrity that the company maintains.

How Long Does FedEx Background Check Take?

The timeframe for FedEx to complete its background check can vary, typically lasting somewhere from a few days to several weeks. It varies depending on factors like the type of job that one is applying for, the depth of the background check required, and the responsiveness of external entities involved in verifying information.

FedEx Background Check Requirements: A General Overview

Personal Identification Verification

Social Security Number (SSN). Used to verify identity and ensure that the background check is accurate.

Government-Issued Photo ID. For example, a driver’s license or passport, to verify identity.

FedEx Criminal Background Check

National Criminal Databases: Search all the criminal records across the country.

County Criminal Court Searches: Focused on places the applicant has lived or worked, to find any legal issues not captured at the national level.

Sex Offender Registries: To uncover any history of sexual offenses.

Driving Record (for driving positions)

Motor Vehicle Report: For driving positions, such as a courier or delivery driver job, a clean driving record is usually needed. This report reflects the violations, suspensions, and accidents.

Employment History Verification

Previous Employers. Verification of positions held, dates of employment, and reasons for leaving, especially in confirming the applicant’s work experience and reliability.

Education Verification

Degrees and Certifications. Check if the educational qualifications held by the applicant are true according to job requirements.

Drug Screening

Substance Tests. The company may test substances to ensure a drug-free workplace, usually in accordance with the company’s policy and legal regulations.

Additional Checks (as required)

Credit History. For positions that require financial or credit responsibility, a credit history check may be done to test the applicant’s financial reliability under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Reference Checks. Contacting professional references to evaluate the applicant’s work ethic, abilities, and character.

How Far Back Does FedEx Background Check Go?

The extent of the background check may vary depending on the type of check and the laws of the state or country where the check is conducted. Below is a general overview of common background check components and their typical look-back periods:

Criminal History. Usually, the laws and statutes protecting the privacy of individuals undergo strict restrictions on how far back criminal history information may be reported by a company. While some states impose limits on reporting criminal history, typically following the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and permitting reporting of convictions going as far back as the individual was born. Arrests without conviction typically are not reported after seven years.

Credit History. According to the FCRA, usually credit reports are not to include accounts placed for collection more than seven years back. Bankruptcies can be reported for ten years, and unpaid tax liens can be reported indefinitely.

Employment History. Typically, employment history for the last seven to ten years will be checked by an employer, but it could be checked over the complete employment history if it would be relevant to the position.

Education Verification. Normally, the verification of education history will be all-inclusive, without any timeframe.

Driving Records. Again, that look-back period often falls into 3 to 7 years, state by state, since driving records are mostly capped.

FedEx Background Check Status

StageDescriptionExpected Action/Outcome
SubmissionApplicant has submitted their background check information through FedEx’s application system.No action required from the applicant; waiting for processing to begin.
ProcessingThe background check is currently being processed. This involves collecting and verifying information from various sources.Applicant waits; may need to respond to requests for additional information.
ReviewFedEx’s HR department is reviewing the completed background check report.No action required from the applicant; may be contacted for clarification or additional interviews.
Pending Further InformationAdditional information or clarification is needed from the applicant to proceed with the background check.Applicant must provide the requested information or clarification to continue the process.
Completed – ClearThe background check has been completed, and no disqualifying information was found.Applicant moves forward in the hiring process, pending any other necessary steps or evaluations.
Completed – ConsiderThe background check has revealed information that requires further consideration by FedEx HR.FedEx HR will review the case; the applicant may be asked to provide context or discuss the findings.
Completed – DisqualifiedThe background check has uncovered disqualifying information, making the applicant ineligible for the position.The applicant is notified of their disqualification; they may dispute inaccuracies in the background check.

FedEx Background Check Disqualifiers

Following a typical process, there would be legal background checks concerning many logistics-related enterprises, such as FedEx, prior to the recruitment of new personnel. Some findings from a background check may be of serious concern and may even lead to the removal of certain people.

Common Exclusion Factors
Criminal Convictions: Some offenses, such as theft, violence, or severe traffic offenses, like DUI, might disqualify a job candidate if their criminal history is recent or directly related to the duties of the job.

Driver Record: If you are applying for a driving position, a history of driving offenses, like excessive speeding, reckless driving, and accidents, will disqualify you. The company would likely want to get in on applicants who are safe drivers.

False Information: The giving of false or some misleading information during the application process in work history, educational background, and criminal history may be considered as the disqualification factors.

Test Failure in the Drug Test: In most FedEx pre-employment screening cases, drug testing is part of the selection process for many positions. If there’s negative drug test, it may lead to disqualification, especially those involving operating vehicles or machinery.

Poor Employment History: A record of frequent job changes without reason, employment gaps with regard to their applicability, and poor references by previous employers may be marked as a negative category.

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